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PUNCTURE - RE-AKTIVATED DVD released May 2009.


* RE-AKTIVATE 2008 [Puncture reunion show on February 23, 2008 at the Aarvark in Fort Worth, Texas]

* "Nailed to a Cross" video. Filmed in the spring of 2009 by 12 Pound Productions.

* Fear Guilt Anxiety - Puncture documentary with interviews from Rick, Mike, and Per.


"Breeding Contempt" - Joe's Garage, Fort Worth, Texas, 01/16/1993
"Miscalculation" - Trees, Dallas, Texas, 1993
"Processor" - Trees, Dallas, Texas, 03/31/1994
"Pipefitter" and "Graft" - The Backroom, Austin, Texas, 12/01/1994
"Constrict Command" - Smokin Dave's, Dallas, Texas, 09/03/1995
"Youth Gone Mild" - Galaxy Club, Dallas, Texas, 1995
"Gag Rule" and "Dutch Fist" - The Spectrum, Rochester, New York, 07/11/1997 [listed as 1996]
"Nailed to a Cross,""Kill-o-gram,""Suck City," and "A New Hole" - Tattoo Bar, Fort Worth, Texas 1998

* "GAG RULE" 1994 music video directed by Greg Synodis of the band Lithium Xmas. Greg has directed lots of videos from various great Dallas area artists.

* '97 Tour footage

* MP3s of both Puncture albums [Puncture and Immune] and all the demos. Also included is a cover of Stickmen With Rayguns' "Christian Rat Attack" with the original singer Bobby Soxx guesting on vocals, music performed by Puncture [Rick, Per, Mike, Moses] in 1996.

United States: $14.99
Outside US: $18.99

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DVD produced by
12 Pound Productions

[out of print]

Released on MIA Records, 3935 Westheimer #224, Houston TX 77027

Produced by PUNCTURE
Engineered by Mike T
Mixed by Mike T, Per Nilsson, and Rick Perry
Sleeve photography by Jason Olsen
Recorded at Sylvan Studios, Dallas, Texas
mixed at Hai-Tex Studios, Dallas, Texas

Rick Perry - vocals, guitars, programming
Per Nilsson - programming, samples, synthesis
Mike T - guitars, vocals, programming
Jim Melancon - bass, programming

All music by PUNCTURE, except "Constrict Command"
by PUNCTURE with Pat Bohn
All lyrics by Rick Perry
Immune Album Cover
Immune - track listing

Suck City
Complete and Total
Constrict Command
Six Six Nine
Negative Zone
Bottom Feeder
Dutch Fist
A New Hole
Pipe Fitter
Immune [Edit]
Bonus Beat[ing]s

[out of print]

Released on Century Media Records, July 1994 #7775-4
Distributed by Relativity Entertainment Distribution [RED] at the time, now Caroline Distribution.

Produced by Tim Grugle and PUNCTURE. Recorded at Sound Logic Studios, Garland, Texas. Front Cover Photo by Les Lopez. All other art by Breck Outland.

Rick Perry [Voices, Guitar, Bass, Programming]
Per Nilsson [Sequencers, Samples, Programming]

All music and lyrics by Rick Perry, except "Gag Rule" and "Mission," music by Rick Perry and Per Nilsson

Self Titled Album Cover
Puncture track listing

Nailed to a Cross
Youth Gone Mild
Gag Rule
American Dream
Breeding Contempt

v/a - Static Orange

various artists - Tactics of Infiltration [out of print]

Released Released June 3, 1998.
PUNCTURE with BOBBY SOXX - "Christian Rat Attack"
This is an old punk cover written by Stickmen With Rayguns. It has also been covered by Richard Hell, but PUNCTURE dug up the original singer, Bobby Soxx, to sing on their version.

This is a compilation of Dallas/Fort Worth industrial
and gothic bands.

various artists - The Wedge
[out of print]

Released March 27, 1997
MIA Records
Distributed by Overture Music

The Wedge
The Wedge track listing

1. Kill-O-Gram performed by Puncture
2. Animals performed by Crawl
3. Gone performed by Oppressor
4. On a String performed by Peace Sanctuary
5. If I Could Exist performed by Avernus
6. Constrict Command performed by Puncture
7. Kerosene performed by Crawl
8. Sea of Tears performed by Oppressor
9. Nothing Left performed by Peace Sanctuary
10. Blood Gathers Dust performed by Avernus

various artists - V.3 Take a Bite Out Of This
[out of print]

Released November 6, 1996
Overture/Overcore Music

Take a bite out of this 3
V.3 Take a Bite Out Of This track listing

1. Constrict Command performed by Puncture
2. Last Outpost performed by Workhorse
3. Swarm of Mankind [Live-Import] performed by Twenty Dead Flower Children
4. Gone performed by Oppressor
5. Deny Me performed by Crawl
6. Judgement Day performed by Boiler Room
7. Unfelt [Live-Import] performed by Universal Stomp
8. Never Want to Go There performed by Deadclownpile
9. No Pain performed by Peace Sanctuary
10. Immune performed by Puncture
11. Leg Chakra performed by Workhorse
12. Pain [Live-Import] performed by Twenty Dead Flower Children
13. In Exile performed by Oppressor
14. Trial and Error performed by Crawl
15. Low Society performed by Boiler Room
16. Criminal Mind [Live-Import] performed by Universal Stomp
17. Camus performed by Deadclownpile
18. Agression for Peace performed by Peace Sanctuary

various artists - V.2 Take a Bite Out Of This
[out of print]

Released July 16, 1996
Overture/Overcore Music

Take a bite out of this 2
V.2 Take a Bite Out Of This track listing

1. Justify performed by Crawl
2. Detached performed by Twenty Dead Flower Children
3. Momentary Clarity performed by Mary Stuart
4. Lisa performed by All Hail Me
5. No Opportunity performed by Universal Stomp
6. Kill-O-Gram performed by Puncture
7. Polly Wally Doodle performed by Tony Borders
8. Monster in My Pocket performed by Sharecroppers Of Soul
9. Snap, Crackle, Pop performed by Deadclownpile
10. Stop the Fight performed by Down With Hatred
11. Big Chief performed by Ivan Neville
12. Magic Star Fly performed by Solid Frog
13. In My Head performed by Oriental Spas

Dutch Fist
[cassette demo, out of print]

Released 1995 by Puncture

Side One: Dutch Fist, Suck City
Side Two: Kill-O-Gram, Constrict Command

All songs written, programmed, and performed by Rick Perry, Per Nilsson, and Mike T. "Constict Command" written by PUNCTURE with Pat Bohn

Photo by Jason Olsen

Demo 92
[cassete demo, out of print]

Guitar, vocals, sampling, programming by Rick Perry. All songs by Rick Perry

Released 1992 by Puncture

Demo 92 track listing

Side One:
Miscalculation, Youth Gone Mild, Breeding Contempt

Side Two: Scum of the Earth, American Dream, Bonus Beat[ing]s

(c) 1992-2009 Puncture