+ P U N C T U R E +


Puncture has metamorphosed from bland industrial metal to a wickedly terse and intriguing cyberdelic aggression force. Immune is a grand guignol for the jaded. All the lyrics are cast in a lean prose that forces you to probe the darkest, innermost realms of your psyche for imagery. Without the knowledge of lyrical content, Immune still thunders. A stratus of unlikely symmetries is offered to you as the ultimate soundtrack for the horror poems contained within. Liquid melodies steep in a broth of staccato drum beats while on other tracks overdriven guitars pummel you senseless on shards of white noise. Immune is a parade of perversions that is skinnier than Skinny Puppy because the songs aren't as cold or formless. In fact, Puncture manages to out bile the band Bile in the anger, aggression, and torqued up violence department. Scary.

- B U Z Z M O N G E R

... with Immune, they've let out the electro beast. While there is still a good deal of guitars, there is an equal amount of electronics. They combine the thrash qualities of Testify with the hip-hop electro sound of early Meat Beat Manifesto. Constrict Command reuses the same beat that fellow Texans Skrew used in God's Dog, but they add a dash of guitar and throaty vocals. The title track, with its slow build up finally giving way to the fast paced chorus, is reminiscent of 16 Volt in sound. Electro/death metal meets noise seems to be a fitting description of Six Six Nine, until the 2 minute mark when the beats and numerous samples kick in. The cyber instrumental, A New Hole, gives the listener a bit of a break form the speed guitars and shouted vocals before continuing on with the electronic death metal of Pipe Fitter. LD/50 relies on it's break-beats and samples to carry it through ... If you're a fan of Bile or Fear Factory (Fear is the Mindkiller) than this disc should appeal to you.


Geographicly I would swear these guys were from New Orleans, because they give off a slight Ministry/NIN/TKK vibe. In actuality they are a Texas based band who's music most resembles that of their neighbors Skrew. The cool thing about these guys is that they are basically an electronics based band (keyboards, sequencers and such) but at the same time, about 50% of the sound is loud crunchy proactive gitaurs. Aggression and keyboards is not the eaisiest sound to pull off, but these guys do and also mannage to make it kind of funky at the same time. The more I listen, the more I like it.

- CD Junkie


"Another entry in the hard-industrial sweepstakes, Puncture takes its place alongside bands like Fear Factory and Nail bomb -- well alongside might be the wrong term, since Puncture can mop the floor with both of them!"


"Puncture's ability to grab the ever wandering attention and captivate it for the duration of the CD is an ability that not many bands of similar style retain. The music, on the whole, is enough to cause frequent and disturbing nightmares for months."


"Hard hitting mayhem that will pummel your senses, Puncture's self-titled effort is a constant outpouring of ripping riffs, random samples, and rapid-fire rhythms that never eases up. With angst this extreme there's always room for a little self-punishment. With rhythms that border on an almost hard techno groove, it's not difficult to imagine this band playing some seedy club in a Blade Runner-ish scenario."

- H U H

"Another blazing entry into the raging world of cyber metal. Puncture do it with such ferocity and determination that one has to notice."


"Puncture blasts forth from Texas with a potent mix of techno, industrial and metal that will most definitely pummel rave wannabes where they stand. Common headbangers won't know what to do when infected techno-freaks take over the mosh pits."


"Unlike the therapy of acupuncture that relaxes your body and makes the mind pure and calm, this Puncture does just the opposite. These guys take industrial cyber-tech to a whole other level. Tons of crunching guitar, heaps of programming and samples plus the broken glass vocals leave the listener hurting but wanting more."

- F E H

"Nine Inch Nails meets Napalm Death in this gleeful noise-o-rama. Puncture mixes some mighty heavy, brutal riffage over a high-tech backdrop loaded with ominous samples, drum machine assault and battery, and other assorted mechanical white noise -- with calamitous results."


"As the number of bands in this genre increased to bursting point, people had to start getting a little more imaginative. Puncture are one such band. Their hard-as-fuck guitar riffing is backed up, not only by some seriously heavy drum programming (including sounds of steel on steel, machinery and noise) but also samples from TV, radio, and from other groups, including a number of Public Enemy samples."


"Non-stop fury and audio insanity is what you are in for from a band that will make NIN look like NKOTB."

- S P A Z Z

"With the continuing for techno/industrial/thrash music, Puncture should have no problem getting a ton of positive response. Thick pulsating rhythms pulsate throughout the entire album, creating a fuzzy cushion for the pelting thrusts of crunchy guitar churns and bursts of white noise."

- C M J

"This is by far the most full force and heaviest offering from the cyber thrash genre I've ever heard. Brilliantly crushing!!!"

- R I V I T E D

And just to show how much support we get in our hometown, here is what the Dallas Observer said about us...

"This is disco with loud rock guitars thrown into the mix and Al Jourgensen wannabe Rick Perry's distorted voice [or is that static?] junked on top of it all. As is the case with all death-decay-despair-doom-disco, sooner or later you have to realize that this MUSIC-CUM-NOISE takes you nowhere. It's too familiar to scare you, to silly to piss you off, and too loud to get you depressed."

That was Robert Wilonsky, of course. The review was entitled "INDUSTRIAL WASTE." Actually, We do get a lot of good coverage from local papers like BUZZMONGER, THE MET, and BUDDY, but we couldn't resist throwing that on in. We can't wait to see what Robert thinks of our latest CD, IMMUNE...